Vacation rentals terms and conditions

                   1.  Booking process

                   2.  Last-minute booking

                   3.  Arrival day

                   4.  Agency fees /City Tax

                   5.  Controlled apartments

                   6.  Rent payment / security deposit payment/ Cancellation/

                   7.  Insurance

             BOOKING PROCESS

Once we agreed on a place and dates and you ask us for a contract :

a)   We will send you your agency contract in French and English with a recap of your Parisian stay :  address of the premises, exact dates, prices, insurance options, city tax, and the invoice to pay the agency fees (included in the nightly/weekly prices), the city tax will be collected on arrival (0.88 cents per day and adult above 18yo) and the owner down payment*. A link will allow you to pay online by visa or mastercard.

You have during 48 hours the priority and you must complete, signed the contract and send It.

How to send the contract : e-mail, fax or mail
How to do the first payment : by credit card (Visa/Master).
For others means of payment, see here.

* Note that some apartments do not allow yet a downpayment by credit card through our agency. In this case, you will only pay the agency fees by credit card and the down-payment will be directly paid to the owner.

b)   When we receive the contract and the payment, your Parisian apartment is booked. You will receive within 48 hours by mail :
           -      the short term rental agreement signed by the owner, which you have to sign as well
           -      the details in order to hand over the balance* and the security deposit** on arrival
           -      the details to get into the apartment (intercom code, floor) and the name of the person who will welcome you with their phone number

* For the apartments which cannot received a downpayment by credit card, you will also get the details to pay the owner (bank transfer, check in euros, paypal).

** The security deposit which will be returned on departure day is an amount to cover potential damages. The means of payment will be detailed in the voucher. 

c)   On arrival day, you’ll go directly to your Paris apartment, where you’ll give the owner the balance, city tax and security deposit. You will get the keys and do the inventory inspection with the owner or their flat manager. You’ll also set up the meeting time on departure day.

Last minute booking :

Arriving in few days? You cannot follow the 3 steps above ?  Contact us, we will set this up individually in the best interest of the landlords and the renters.

            ARRIVAL DAY

You may arrive any day of the week. Of course Sundays and French days off / holidays are always a bit more complicated to handle for flat managers and owners. Some of them may charge you additional fees (your agent will let you know about it).

Arrival time :

Most of owners will do their best to welcome you as soon as possible. However, for practical reasons (including your apartment preparation) the default check-in time is 2pm and check-out time is 10am.

For late arrival (after 8pm), you would need to have the owner agreement so let us know ASAP in order to be sure the owner can handle it and to find out if there are no additional fees for this.

Visit :

Note that no visit will be set up for less than 3 months-stay. However, we will be glad to send you larger pictures upon request.

             AGENCY FEES (for less than 3 months stay)

It’s our policy to have no hidden fees.
Agency fees are V.A.T. includedand ALWAYS included in the prices per night/per week shown on our website.
Agency fees are NEVER included in the prices per month (see here after the details).

The agency fees are calculated following the length of your Parisian stay :
   -  the maximum fees would be for any stay up to 2 months : 30% of the total rent
   -  the maximum fees would be for any stay from 2 to 3 months : 50% of a month's rent

For longer stay, click here for details.

Payment of our agency fees :

Credit cards : Visa or Master Card, a 1.5% of bank fees will be added on your invoice.
Bank transfers : we need to receive by email a copy of the order, Bank fees should be paid by the sender.
Cash in euros : If you are in Paris already, so contact us to set up a meeting at our office.
PayPal (that allows you to pay by credit card) : PayPal fees will be paid by the sender 3,4%+0.25cents. Ask your agent to receive a payment request via PayPal website.

City Tax for PARIS :

City tax will be collected by owners or by our agency if we do fully management your apartment.
It's is due for any short stays.
The cost is 0.88 cents per night and per adult (above 18 years old).
Don't forget to tell your agent when you have underaged kids so we collect the correct amount.


Paris Be A Part Of It is an estate agency, holder of T and G professional licenses (licenses for permission to sell and manage real estates). It assures you for our professional liability and that we are adherent to a guarantee fund.
Using a professional’ services guarantee you that the apartment has been controlled, visited, have a deed and diagnoses. The subletting is not allowed (except if the owner agrees and give a written authorization and if the rent is not higher than the previous rent.

             PAYMENT OF THE OWNER'S RENT (less than 3 months stays)

Most of the down-payment is paid along with the agency fees so there is nothing else to pay until your arrival. When the apartment is not under this condition, you will pay directly the owner for the down-payment. Owners decide at this time on the means of payment and your agent will let you know with the rental agreement all the details. 

Common means of payment : 

Bank transfer / cash / check issued from a French bank. Some may accept PayPal and rarely credit card (your agent will let you know).

The down-payment (30% of the rent) is non-refundable (unless you have cancellation insurance). Most of the owner will ask for it (unless your arrival is really soon), It is usually paid by credit card via our services, or via bank transfer within 7 days after the rental agreement is received.

The balance and security deposit are given on arrival day, your voucher will state the means of payment. It's often paid in cash, check in euros issued from a French bank or bank transfer (if made before arrival day). Some owners may accept PayPal, or credit card depending on their flat manager.

Lengths of stay :

If your Parisian stay last more than a week, the price will be simply prorated. 

Example : your stay lasts 10 nights, the final price will be the price per week / 7 nights x 10 nights

For shorter stays, we advise you to target places with a price per night to get the best deals or ask your agent.

Security deposit :

The security deposit is due on check-in day. The owners decide on the terms of payment – whether a check in euros, cashier's check, cash, traveler’s check or bank Transfer, your agent will let you know. The security deposit will be returned on your departure day, after the apartment move-in / move-out inventory inspection. The security deposit covers potential damages that you and your guests may do. The security deposit is neither a down payment, nor a rent.

Note : French law authorizes the deposit to be refunded as late as 2 months after the departure but most of the owners refund the deposit on the departure day.
In case of damages: the owner may/will deduct (with a proof of expenses) the exact amount to fix the damages and may keep the deposit the time to have a quotation.
You may call/email first your insurance, to check the claiming process. If you book your insurance through our services contact them, they are pretty efficient on solving the issues.

We also strongly advise you to inform the owner, during your stay in order to have a smooth check out and to sort the problem out ASAP.

Charges included :

Nightly and weekly prices ALWAYS include the electricity and/or gas. Otherwise noted in the apartment description Phone is NEVER included.
For monthly rentals, electricity/gas, or phone are never included in the rent and will be paid according to usage (the meter will be checked), unless it’s notify in the ad.

Early lease termination or cancellation :

Unless you have a cancellation insurance, no reimbursement will be done in case of cancellation. We strongly advise you to take an insurance covering cancellation especially if you book in advance.

Paris Be A Part Of It have selected since 2005 a partner's who has set up a package insurance with cancellation/interruption / third party risks. They will reimburse you for the agency fees, down payment, and balance. Of course you'll have to provide them with documentary evidences upon request. More info about the insurance in Paris


Insurance requirements (less than 3 months stays) :

Third party risks/holiday insurance is MANDATORY for your less than 90 days stay as indicated in the short term agreement signed by the owner and you. You may be already covered thanks to your home insurance, we recommend you to ask them for a confirmation of your French’s coverage for the items below. If you do live in France, and have a home insurance you are probably already insured. A proof may be/will be requested by the owner when you check in.

Your rental agreement contract does include this sentence :

The tenant must be insured by a well-known insurance company against risks of fire and water damage, both for his/her own tenancy risks and for the property leased, as well as for claims by neighbours, and to be proven at the first request by the owner.

I’m not insured what should I do ?

Insurance can be purchased from your preferred insurer. If you wish, Paris Be A Part Of It will put you in contact with a partner who provides the mandatory items, plus the cancellation/interruption coverage. This insurance will also reimburse you if you should cancel or leave your property earlier than expected.

More details on this insurance click here..
More details on the general conditions of the insurance (and in English) by clicking here.

FYI Paris Be A Part Of It proposes you to subscribe while booking your Paris apartment this insurance so you make a one time payment. You can still book the insurance portion later when you send the owner down payment via our partner website

Cost : 3.5% of your total stay, coverage for all the tenants staying in the apartment. For more information please contact your agent ASAP.

Re-book a place proposed by Paris Be A Part Of It : The tenants accept to contact Paris Be A Part Of It, when he wants to book again a place our company proposed him, and to pay the fees accordingly. Contacting the owner directly, knowing he has a contract with Paris Be A Part Of It is against the law.
For more information contact us.