Romantic Paris option

Paris, the City of Love, is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Make your stay even more romantic with Paris Be A Part Of It and our selected partner. Surprise your loved one by setting up a romantic atmosphere in your Paris apartment… If you dream of a romantic night, to make a proposal or a special anniversary present, we have the perfect team for you !

Order your items directly online on our secure partner website (at least 48 hours before the special day). They will set up with you a UNIQUE surprise discreetly.

See few samples of their packages and prices :

Candles & Petals (€35)
12 candles LED (30 hours) / 250 rose petals

Romantic Evening Invitation (€39)
Sample : 6 Led candles of 30 hours. A bed of rose petals (200 petals)
A sensual silky silicon massage gel (Capacity: 30 ml). Love note on a parchment scroll

Naughty Kit (€45)
Bliss Bliss massage gel / Marabu feather tickler / Satin blindfold with sensuel messages game / 6 Led candles (30 hours) / 100 rose petals

Bubbles and bliss (€79)
Bubble bath cocooning "Susanne aux bains", Bio without paraben (200 ml)
One bottle of Champagne Deutz Brut (0,75L) on his bucket and two glasses / 6 LED candles (30hours)

Many others are available :
Room of Roses and Candles (€119), Indoor Candlelight Picnic (€139), Romantic Anniversary (€119), Romantic Bath (€109), Naughty Nights (€129), The Romantic Bedroom (€99), "L'eau à Deux" Gift Set (€45), Romance in Paris (€69)

If you don't find what you want, don’t worry, the team is always here to help you set up a very special day, evening or night. Remember to precise that you come from Paris Be A Part Of It.