It's A Wonderful Life In France (A Tour In France)

First time visitors, or already addicted to Paris, we know that you often wish that you could take a day or two to Normandy,  Loire Valley, Mont Saint-Michel, or Burgundy. Now, it’s possible because Paris Be A Part Of It and its partner proposes you the essence of it.


For a long time, religion was the reason for building the greatest monuments. In France, this is shown with the Chartres cathedral, the Reims cathedral, Lourdes and the Mont Saint-Michel.

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Many clichés are related to France but none of them is as right as the fact that’s the country of good wine. We even created a special path to discover the best of them. Follow us on the wine tasting route through Burgundy, Alsace, Champagne and famous cities such as Bordeaux and Strasbourg.

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If you want to relive the famous battlefields of WWI and WWII, come to Somme and Normandy (D-Day Beaches and Juno Beach).

CITIES TOUR (from €19)

If you already explored every nook and cranny of Paris, come visit the other superb places of France : Avignon, French Riviera, Lyon, Bordeaux and Strasbourg.

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KIDS (from €55)

In order to please your kids, you have many choices : you can either take them to theme parks such as Disneyland Paris or Parc Astérix, or to zoo like in Thoiry or to a Middle-Age festival in Provins.

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